Grass Jelly Dessert

Grass Jelly Dessert

Grass jelly, also known as ‘xian cao’ in Chinese, is a popular dessert in Taiwan.

People always put grass jelly into their bubble tea drinks. But the most traditional way to eat grass jelly is to consume on its own. Try it in Taiwanese way and top the bowl up with pearls, red bean and taro!  

How to make Grass jelly dessert bowl


  • Grass Jelly liquid
  • Water
  • Starch powder
  • Sugar
  • Tapioca Pearls
  • Sweet Taro paste
  • Red Bean paste

How to

  1. Add 3 litres of grass jelly liquid to 11.5 litres of water and cook to boiling point. Reduce the fire to low on the stovetop (i).
  2. Mix 60g of tapioca starch to half a litre of water and mix well. Add into (i) along with sugar
  3. Turn the stove top fire to high and cook for 5 minute, after 5 minute turn off fire.
  4. Add toppings accordingly.

we have all you need to make a dessert bowl



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