Ceylon Tea Bag Fresh Brew x 100pcs
Ceylon Tea Bag Fresh Brew x 100pcs
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Ceylon Tea Bag Fresh Brew x 100pcs

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Fresh brew ceylon tea bag works with the Multi-function Fresh Tea Brewer Set which allows you to enjoy fresh brewed bubble tea. 

With the Madin T122's newest technology, you can make your bubble tea, shake your flavours and finish it off with milk froth - all within the one machine!

The Madin T122 simplifies the tea making process, making the staff training process easier and streamlining the results. It's easy, compact and convenient. 

Multi-function Fresh Tea Brewer Set: Click here 

Milk Tea Recipe

  1. Place 200ml of hot water with 1 black tea bag into the green (tea brewer) jug and press "Extract"
  2. Pour your brewed tea into the black (shaker) jug, add 40g of Fructose, 3.5 scoops of Super Creamer and 400ml of ice and press "Shake"
  3. Your milk tea is now ready to serve! 


Tea Bag x 1 

Fructose x 40g 

Super Creamer x 3.5 scoops (Creamer Spoon