Red Bean Powder 1kg - Sunwide Bubble Tea
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Red Bean Powder 1kg

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Our red bean powder can be used in making bubble tea and cocktail or flavoring ice cream, soft serve, shaved ice, pastry and cake. 

Method of Application:

  1. Mix the 30g flavored powder, 10g non-dairy creamer and 150cc hot water into a shaker until it is well blended

  2. Add 2/3 cup of ice cube, the fructose and drinking water into the shaker with the mixture. Shake the shaker and blend thoroughly until smooth.  (To customize your favorite drink, adjust the amount of flavored powder, non-dairy creamer and fructose to your preference.)

  3. You can adjust the amount of water and filtering time, depending on the quality of

water and personal preference.

Ingredients:Red Bean flavoured powder, Creamer, Sugar

Storage Instructions:dry and cool area

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Made in Taiwan