Brown Sugar Tapioca Pearls In Milk Tea

The latest craze centred around brown sugar pearl milk.

The beverage is a blend of fresh milk, brown sugar syrup and pearls.

Let’s make this bad boy drink now.

First cook the tapioca pearl with brown sugar.

  • 500g Tapioca Pearls
  • 3000ml Boiling Water
  • 100ml brown Sugar syrup
How to
  1. Put the pearls into boiling water and stir until all the pearls float.
  2. Turn to medium heat and cook for 20 minutes, add in brown sugar syrup and cook for another 5 mins.
  3. Turn off the heat and close the lid and stew for 25 minutes
  4. Ready to use.

Let’s assemble all together!

  • Cooked tapioca pearl     1 serve (around 60g)
  • Fresh milk         Full cup
  • Ice                     Full cup
  1. Put cooked brown sugar tapioca pearls in the cup.
  2. Turn the cup horizontally to make sure it get to the edge of the cup.
  3. Add ice full cup and pour in milk till full.

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