Coconut Milk Tea with Jelly

It's simple and easy to make your own favourite milk tea at home.

This recipe shows you how to make milk tea with coconut jelly. You need many ingredients to end up with this very refreshing drink.



  • Coconut Powder: 2 scoops (30g)

  • Super creamer: 1 scoop (15g)

  • Hot Water: 200ml

  • Fructose: 20ml

  • Ice: full cup

  • Coconut Jelly – Original: 1 serve


  1. Use hot water to melt the Coconut powder, super creamer and fructose.
  2. Add full cup of ice and shake well.
  3. Serve with coconut Jelly.

Set includes:

sunwide coconut powder

sunwide premiu, fructose

sunwide coconut jelly plain

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