Macaron was brought to France from Italy in 1533. French macarons are thin, flavourful meringue cookies that are sandwiched together with some kind of filling. The meringues are what make the cookies unique. They have a smooth, crisp shell and a moist, chewy interior. Most importantly, the vibrant color of macaron is also one of its identical icons.

When life is full of changes and surprises, why canโ€™t you experiment with different flavors and fillings to customize your creations?

Come and paint more colors to your macaron by trying Sunwide flavoured powder!

  • Purple - Taro Powder

  • Khaki - ย Milk Tea Powder

  • Green - Matcha Powder

  • Neon green - Honeydew Powder

  • White - Coconut Powder

  • Wine Red - Red Bean Powder

  • Coral - Thai Milk Tea Powder

  • Orange - Papaya Powder

  • Brown - Chocolate Powder

  • Yellow - Banana Powder

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