Mango Creamy Drinking Yoghurt


3 mins prep | 1 serving | Shop the bundle


Yoghurt Flavor Powder 150g
○ Ice 250g 
○ Water 
○ Milk 150ml
Fructose 20g
Diced Mango 80g
Mango Syrup 20g


Step 1: 
Put 50g ice, 400ml water, 150 Yoghurt Powder and milk 150ml into blender and blend for 30 seconds. Yoghurt Base is now done. Rest in cup, you can either drink straightly or continue the flavouring, following the steps below. 

Step 2:
Prepare the Serving Cup: put 50g Diced Mango into the serving cup.

Step 3: 
Put below ingredients into the blender and blend for 10-15 seconds: 

   - Ice 200g

   - Fructose 20g

   - Diced Mango 30g

   - Mango Syrup 20g

   - Water 50ml

Step 5: 
Pour the mixture into the prepared serving cup, and you are ready to enjoy! 


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