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Cheese Milk Foam Powder 1kg

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Create the latest and hottest trend beverage 'Cheese Foam Tea' with Sunwide Whipping Powder. The Whipping/ foaming powder creates the crema foam on top of your favourite beverage, be it green tea, black tea, milk tea or coffee. Create a long-lasting, silky crema with our whipping powder using just water, heavy cream, or milk.

The cheese flavour adds a subtle and irresistible salty flavour to the crema. You can also be creative with it by adding sea salt to make sea salt crema.

Method of Application:


1. Prepare 350ml milk or cold water into blender
2. 100g of Milk Foam Powder
3. Store in the fridge and use within 6 hours


Storage Instructions:Dry and cool area

Made in Taiwan