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Milk Foam Jar of Fresh Tea Brewer

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The new breakthrough of tea beverages

Making tea will be so much easier when you use madin tea extractor, with this machine you can combine the authentic taste of bubble tea with a modern concept.

The combination of tea extractor, shaker, and milk foam maker

T-122 is a complete bubble tea processor. First, you make the tea by using tea extractor function, second shaking the tea by using the shaker function. Please note that our Fresh Tea Brewer Set, Tea Extractor, Milk Foam Jar is sold separately, all available on this website.

Ensure consistency for quality

The process of making bubble tea will be complete by using T-122. All the procedures can be operate easily. Consistency is the purpose of our machine, everyone who use T-122 will get the same quality and taste which is very important for customer satisfaction.

Fresh Tea Brewer manual

View or download here.