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Wintermelon Syrup 2.5kg

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Method of Application:

LT range syrup is our premium fruit syrup that offer a natural fruit flavour with high percentage of fruit juice.

Fruity Tea/ Ice Tea
1.  Prepare 360ml of Green Tea pour into shaker

  1. 40ml of Conc. Juice Syrup
  2. 10ml Fructose
  3. Full cup of ice cubes and shake well
  4. Serve with favourite toppings


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For an optimal, naturally fruity taste, mix 1:6 concentrated juice & water together to drink.

Can be served with Smoothies, Frappe, Black Tea, Green Tea, Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Cakes and Slushee Machine, etc.

Storage Instructions:dry and cool area

Ingredients:Fruit Juice, Fructose

Packaging: 2.5kg / 2 liters

Made in Taiwan