Immerse yourself to local Thai Milk Tea

Did you miss that local taste in your exotic Thailand memory?

Don’t just thinking about it, let’s make it!!

Thai milk tea is easy to make with our thai style milk tea powder. Everyone can make it at home.


First, prepare the tapioca pearls:

  1. Tapioca Pearls   500g 
  2. Water  3000 ml 
  3. Sugar 125g 
  4. Hot Water 75ml 

How to make it?


Step 1:Boil the water 

Step 2:Put the pearls into boiling water and stir until all the pearls float

Step 3:Turn to medium heat and cook for 25 minutes

Step 4:Turn off the heat and close the lid and stew for 25 minutes

Step 5:Scoop all the pearls out of the pot and use a filter to drain the pearls and flush by cold water

Step 6:Drain, mix with sugar and hot water 

Once you followed all the steps, the tapioca pearls are ready to serve. Now you can prepare thai milk tea by following steps: 

  • Thai Milk tea powder     30g
  • Creamer                        10g
  • Hot water                       450ml
  • Fructose                        20ml
Stir all ingredients together and ready to serve with black pearls
  • Tapioca Pearls

  • Thai Milk tea powder

  • Creamer

  • Fructose

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