Pearls Milk Tea with Tapioca Balls

RECIPE - Pearls Milk Tea with Tapioca Balls


○ Signature Black Tea bag  x 1
○ Ice 2 cups
○ Water
○ Super Creamer 40g
○ Frutose 20-40ml
○ Cooked tapioca pearls


Step 1: 
Brew Black tea bag into 250g boiled water and rest for 15mins.

Step 2: 
Add 40g of creamer and 20-40ml fructose. 

Step 3:
Add ice into shaker, shake well.

Step 4: 
Put cooked tapioca balls (how to cook tapioca balls?) into the serving cup and you are ready to enjoy! 


How to Cook Tapioca Balls?

  1. Prepare 30g of Tapioca Pearls and 180g of water (one serve)

  2. Bring the water to boiled, once the water is boiled, pour the Tapioca Pearls into the pot 

  3. Cook for 25 mins

  4. Turn off the heat and cover the pot for another 25 mins 

  5. Strain and rinse the pearl under cold water 

  6. Ready to serve 

  7. Best to consume within 4 hours 


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